Blah blah blah no one actually reads this

2012-03-14 20:02:29 by Otteroncrack

Seeing as my last post was two years ago I just wanted to update it even though I'm sure no one actually reads this. Oh well. I might be going to college next year for music performance. I may also be creating a graphic novel. My tablet is broken. I'm trying to get a copy of photoshop on my new Macbook. I hate my job but I needs the moneys. Welp, I'm off and I probably won't update for another two years! Glee! :D

Halo Reach

2010-10-09 00:55:30 by Otteroncrack

So I played a little Halo Reach today, until my guy friends took over the Xbox and I was forced to only watch. It was hilarious, especially since one of my friends is a beast at Halo and another sucks. The one who sucks always gets killed and the one who is a beast is the one who usually kills him. And then the other guys are pretty much average. :)


2010-07-11 03:15:52 by Otteroncrack

Blah blargh blah...........saw my ex today........reeeeeallly awkward

Eh. Halloween.

2009-11-01 17:10:21 by Otteroncrack

I know Halloween's over and stuff, but I slept most of yesterday due to staying up all night the night before and anyway, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I guess its because growing up, I never got to wear the cool costumes. Instead, I got to be the fairy princess with cheap wings and the other stuff. The only thing I like about Halloween is the candy, but since I'm on a diet that doesn't do me any good.

And yes, I am just bitching about Halloween for the hell of it.


2009-10-14 02:21:57 by Otteroncrack

I know I may sound like a giddy little schoolgirl, but I totally held hands with my crush the other day and it was the best day of my life! We (my friends and I) were watching a movie and I kind of inched my hand close to his and we held hands. I was so happy I almost screamed!

Car trips suck!

2009-09-16 17:07:07 by Otteroncrack

I hate car trips more than any other form of travel, mostly because I have three younger brothers, all of whom insist on being loud, annoying, and violent. At least on a airplane or something I don't have to sit next to them for 7 days. On top of that, the hotels rarely have good beds, so I slept like crap, and by the time I did sleep, my dreams would be really freaky and it would be about three in the morning. I'm just glad I can sleep in my own bed tonight.

Well, first post here

2009-08-26 02:52:03 by Otteroncrack

Well, here I am. I don't have much to say, just wanted to say "Hi" to whoever happens by here.